by Use the Sun

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A full palette of colors.

ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) was recorded in late March and early April of 2017 at Evergroove Studios in Evergreen, Colorado. This is Use the Sun's debut full length record.


released June 3, 2017

All songs written and performed by Use the Sun
Recorded at Evergroove Studios
Mixed and mastered by Brad Smalling
Saxophone on "Joey Monté" and "Friends of Ours" by Keith Oxman
Additional vocals and guitar tracked by Dan Taro

Album artwork by Max Speyer

Special thanks to our friends and families as well as Evergroove Studios, Seventh Circle Music Collective, and No Direction Records.



all rights reserved


Use the Sun Denver, Colorado

Sensitive solar-powered rockers.


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Track Name: Water Aerobics
Tripping in the dark over my words
It seems silly & a little absurd
I know this
Can you show this?
We’ll go unnoticed

Feels like I’m running in circles
Think I’m out of miracles
I feel this way

Revert and relapse
It’s okay if you
Fall behind sometimes
You’ll just have to
Convert, collapse
Retrace your steps
Know your false moods
To write another…

I can't write
My hands are too tight.
Track Name: Titanium White
I just wanna feel good
Rolling up all the spliffs I need
For my mood
Rolling up everything I need for

These things they fade away, I swear
Whisper when I'm near
Comfort me and tell me
That everything's so clear

I just wanna feel good
Rolling up all the spliffs I need
for my mood
Rolling up all the things I need

Fleeting honesty within me
I hope you will resent me
For all that I have done
Going back to try and figure out
The quickest most efficient route
To where it all went wrong
Did you ever have a doubt
Did you ever figure out
Cause everyday is full of shame
Waking up on random dirty floors
The beating heart says nevermore
And gives in to the pain

But hey
You got what you want now
And I can't even breathe
I said hey
You got what you need now
And I can't even speak
Or shout in self defense

Lie to me with open eyes
Tell me everything will always be alright
Once it comes again
Lie and tell me
You're not fucking with my head

But you don't get to use me
After I leave this fucking city
Yeah you don't get to use me
Cause I, I'll stop fucking breathing

And you, oh you, won't ever know
Cause I, oh I, won't ever show
That we, oh we, are a perfect fit
And I, oh I, can't get a grip on you
Track Name: Joey Monté
Petals skittering across the sky
Today I don’t think I’ll be as wise
To separate my mind
Tear flowing from love-lost eyes
I can’t think or see quite right
Or read between the lines
Sleeping late high on a restless night
Will I fall or fly?

You’re the person I once knew
In the gardens that we grew
Beneath the sky
And if it’s time for me to go
To a heavenly kept home
Then that’s alright.

I don’t feel too well
Like I’m trapped in my own hell
Through the spirals of my eyes this aphasia tells
Of a silence for the years
And forgetting all my fears
And all I once knew

We drove home
At the witching hour
Hands searched my chest
For some faint and hidden tune
That told me how to live, how to love
To give and receive those things you’ll really need
I’ll be your friend
In the end
I loathe the way, my consciousness dissipates
Over and over every single god-damn day

Waking up in the morning
Just never felt the same.
Track Name: Samsquamch
Feeling this lonely
With someone by my side
I'm sick of all the meaningless
Relationships that i've tried
Holding you tighter but it
Doesn't feel right
The knife in my stomach and the hands at my neck don't let me survive

I don't think I'll hold on
If I can't even get a grip
Embracing my faults
Before I slip

I'm not one for fights
Counting ticks on the long sleepless nights
Expendable, forgettable and that's true
And I just don't know what to do
I just wanna hold you like the rest
Comfort me and tell me everything's alright
With your head on my chest
Expendable, forgettable and that's true
And I just don't know what to do
Track Name: Friends of Ours
Over and over we walk to the end
Closer and closer we get to the edge
Over and over we walk to the end
Closer and closer we get to our friends.
Track Name: Imperial Star Destroyer
And I forgot
The last kiss of my favorite light
And the fading of fluorescent night
I’m buried beneath the snow
A delta below my eyes
Seeking for thoughts in your blank gaze
Divided by light, and turning out alright

I had a beautiful demise
It’s over now, are you mad about
The lies?
Goodbye & goodnight

The people in my dreams are never the same
The next day
You heard them well
It’s gone
It’s lost.

Forage for all your assets
This year, I know you’ll have some peace left
They said it’s cancerous
To be living this way

I forgot how much I meant
I forgot how to mend.
Track Name: Mjr. Bummer
I feel just like an afterthought
So walled off yet close enough
Whoever knew that it would be this tough
Resisting what I know will fuck me up

I don't think it's fair
Set me up for disaster then leave me there
Wish I didn't care
But I spoke too soon

Charming and friendly or am I deceived
Cause I don't know what to believe
Help me find the answer help me find my keys
Help me find a reason to stay clean

I don't think it's fair
Set me up for disaster then leave me there
Wish I didn't care
But I spoke too soon

I don't think it's fair
Set me up for disaster then leave me there
Wish I didn't care
But I spoke too soon
Now I'm the fool
I'm scared of you
Said I spoke too soon
Now I'm the fool
Track Name: Bottomless Salsa Bowl
If things seem worse than before
It’s a matter of questions without answers
I know you adore
Seeing me on the verge of dissipation

Chemtrail smile
That’s overcasting the nothingness
I see on your face
I know you’re alone
That doesn’t mean you can hurt everyone
And yourself.

Polarizations of the mind
Exaggerations of the people we left behind
I just wanna say, I’ll give you my best
Then I’ll just leave you
Like the rest

I’ll feel empowered
Your words aren’t any more
Sweet than sour
I don’t believe you I can’t

Polarizations of your mind
Exaggerations of the people you left behind
You just wanna say
I know you’re in there
But I can’t see you anywhere
Track Name: Summer at Lake Tahoe
I'm painting an image
With hung-up medallions
Held in contrast to the image
Our old memories that never happened
We swear
It's better off this way
Off-putting self reflections
Set aside for some other day
What ever happened
To hopeless romance
Staying up past 3 AM
watching re-runs and catching each glance
Hope that it's okay
That I fell asleep this way
I hope that you realize every memory
Is written down on every page

I'm hoping for the best of it
Setting up the relapse and a hopeless plunge to my bed
I'm calling hope you answer
Did you really feel better without me

So call me out on all of my
Mistakes I've made
How was I supposed to convey
What I wanted
Always doubt
Everything that I can't see
Won't exist to me

Did you watch me fall
From the hole in the ceiling
Shattered rooftops and fractured bones
Send the old familiar feeling
I'm feeling so shaky
Still so unaware
Everything that's laid to rest
Is still a burden I have to bear

Let's share
Shattered picture frames
It's so insane and unfair
But repetitive and one in the same

All of my idols have been laid to rest by unfair judgement